Get your home and business ready for Level 3 with these special offers

Get your home and business ready for Level 3 with these special offers

Valid while stocks last

BBLOVE Infrared Thermometer - Two year warranty

Get your BBLOVE Thermometer from Libra Pharmacy at a reduced price of only R1195.00

BBLove Libra Apteek

Surgical Masks :

25’s @ R459.95
50’s @ R895.95

Libra Apteek

Hand Sanitizer:

100ml @ R28.95
150ml @ R39.95
500ml @ R71.95

Libra Pharmacy

Gloves (S & M) @ R145.00

Libra Pharmacy

Trenvit Multivit Tabs 30’s @ R79.95

Actorvit Kids Multivit Syrup 200ml @ R58.95

Kimberley Pharmacy

Alpha Performance Effervescent Tabs 30’s @ R75.95

Pharmacy in Kimberley

Vit C 500mg Tabs 100’s @ R55.95

Immune booster

Airmune Effervescent Multivit Tabs 10’s @ R79.95

Apteek in Kimberley

Viralpin Tabs 60’s @ 79.95

Pharmacy Kimberley

Zinplex Tabs:

120’s @ R119.95
60’s @ R76.95

Zinplex Forte Tabs 60’s @ R194.95

Kimberley Apteek

Zinplex Junior:

Zinplex Jnr Syrup 200ml @ R56.95
Zinplex Jnr Sugar-free Syrup 200ml @ R66.95

Libra Kimberley

Enervite Vitamin Syrup 200ml @ R19.95

Chemist Libra

ZN- Ped Vitamin Syrup 200ml @ R49.95

Chemist Kimberley

Multivitamin Drops 30ml @ R39.95

Kimberley Apteek

Panado stroop 100ml R45.95

Apteek in Kimberley

Calpol stroop R45.95

Kimberley Apteek

Disinfectant Cleansing Wipes @ R509.95

Sanitizer Kimberley
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